It looks like you were the “special kind of dumb-ass” after all!

This project was originally sold as if the product and process was already developed. By the way, Justin has officially given up on the project.

@Bullfighter , December 15, 2014

I was giving thought to a new project and the idea of Carbon Fiber Sunglasses came to mind. After a quick search I read about the Kolstom project on Kickstarter.
I’ve been working with carbon fiber for over 5 years now, producing a line of specialty carbon fiber bicycle components and other special projects. I know from a great deal of personal experience that Justin from Kolstom simply could not have known the extreme complexity of designing a functioning pair of Carbon Sunglasses. Carbon fiber is an extremely labor intensive material, and honestly to make sunglasses out of carbon that are reliable and beautiful will take a great deal of designing, trial and error.
I have started the early stages of designing and manufacturing true 100% carbon sunglasses. I’ve made some simple prototypes to start the design and development phase. Finished product will not be available until the middle of next year however since there are numerous obstacles to overcome.

@Veloflyte , November 11, 2014


You sir are a special kind dumb-ass…

Have you never heard of a marketing or representative sample? His project was to develop a product and a process.

This project is very delayed, but still seems to have active progress.

@GreenerKat , May 16, 2014

I wonder If anyone has actually noticed that the kolstom “carbon fiber” sunglasses is a cheap pair of wayfarer sunglasses or oakley Holbrooks that is wrapped with a fake carbon fiber vinyl sticker!!

Zoom in on the picture..look at the overlaps of the vinyl sticker underneath the bridge.

Compression molding does not have a rough texture to its surface! When you really start to look closely you will see all the splices and defects in the vinyl wrap..

Besides…if those glasses that he has on his campaign are compression molded, why is it so hard to reproduce what he claims to have done!
“The world’s first compression molded carbon fiber sunglasses featuring 9-layer polarized optics and locking hinges. YEA! B.S. JACK-ASS!!


It is unfortunate because it places another black eye to the composite sector in Kickstarter..

@Nova , May 15, 2014

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