• Mass Kickstarter Email Blast and Social Campaign

    May 18th is the anniversary of what most would consider to be the landmark moment in Kickstarter’s history, with The Pebble E-paper Watch raising a whopping $10,266,845 to become the most funded project in Kickstarter history.

    This May 18th, I’d like every single one of you to post, comment, and tweet about the 1.5 million dollars lost in scam projects that Kickstarter has done nothing about, using the hashtag #kickscammed. I request that for each project you have been scammed by, you gather as many backers as you can, and all hit the report button at the bottom of the page at once. Kickstarter needs to not only be made aware in the loudest way possible, but understand that they can’t just sit by and watch while millions are syphoned from their users with zero consequences.

    If you do not wish to be emailed in the coming weeks as a reminder for this event, please unsubscribe from this site so that your email does not get added to the list. I hope to not see anyone go, and encourage those that stay to find more backers to join our cause.