• Andy Muldowney

    Andy Muldowney is the Creator for the mPrinter – An analog printer for a digital world Kickstarter scam. The project’s expected delivery was Feb 2013. A year later, only a few (barely working) rewards have been shipped. The product has been reportedly sold to non-backers as well. The mPrinter raised $88,018 of his $10,000 goal.

    Andy Muldowney is non-communicative and his last update was Dec 16 2013.

    Andy has been involved in a legal dispute with another backer over the intellectual property of his project. Court records show they settled the dispute but Andy has never been forthcoming with this information. His last update in Dec told backers that all rewards should be fulfilled soon. Since that update, no more units have been shipped. Andy has been shipping mPrinters to non-Kickstarter customers as well. The website and printers currently owned by backers are seriously lacking in functionality and reliability.

    Backers not only pledged large sums of money for their rewards, but also bought batteries on Andy’s website outside of Kickstarter for the printer.