• Come Join the Facebook Group!

    Hi, My name is Jennifer Crowther and I was kickscammed. As I have delved further and further into how Kickstarter handles kickscammed projects I’ve been shocked.  They do absolutely nothing! They send out meaningless emails full of empty words.  I created a group for my individual project, but realized this was a much larger problem so I created a facebook group for everyone that has ever backed a project, but then it was not delivered.  I hope as many of you can join this group.  I hope that we can talk about what we can do as a group, so far in my cursory analysis there are over 50,000 of us with more than 3.4 million contributed.  There are only 108 people that currently work at Kickstarter.

    Here is the facebook group website. (Feel free to join to if you have been kickscammed on other sites too. the more voices the better.)


    Some ideas I have so far to get help are to:

    1) have all of us file the same complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, in hopes they will investigate it.  They won’t investigate problems unless they get a lot of complaints.  The squeaky wheel here really gets the grease. We all have relatively small projects, but if we file the same complaint against kickstarter fraud they may start to investigate all the fraud that is occurring.  We could also write our senators with the same letter and maybe they’d pay attention.  The squeaky wheel again.

    2)Have Kickstarter acknowledge us and do something about it.  I was thinking we could find their social medias and comment on them.  This way others would see the potential problems and hopefully they’d address them.

    3) write articles and also comment on articles.  With more comments maybe more media articles would be written and hopefully changes would occur.

    I’m sure I’ll have more and I’m sure that you have some ideas as well.  I can’t wait to hear from all of you and hopefully we can get something done about this, and maybe just maybe get our money back.

    Your fellow Kickscammed friend,